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Bus takes wrong turn...

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Bus takes wrong turn...
My guess as a bus/coach driver is that the bus was running empty out-of-service, that the driver usually drives single deckers but was allocated a double decker for his route.
Buses hitting bridges nearly always occur in these circumstances when the driver uses his regular route from the depot to the start of his route, forgetting he's driving a double decker, quite often its not easy to tell from the driving seat unless tree branches remind you.
Drivers do not have allocated routes from depot to route start and can usually go on whichever route they wish when out-of-service, hopefully remembering about any low bridges. In the vast majority of cases there are no passengers on board, although sadly it does happen that passengers can be injured.
I would again guess the driver is looking for another job at this time.
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Re: Bus takes wrong turn...

Saw that on the Metro newspaper on the bus sitting on the top deck. 
Cracked up the day well  Grin
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Re: Bus takes wrong turn...

They never seem to come cleanly off like this one Wink (2:20 in)

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Re: Bus takes wrong turn...

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