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Bruce Forsyth as died.

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Bruce Forsyth as died.

What the subject says really. :-(


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Re: Bruce Forsyth as died.

RIP A truly great entertainer.

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Re: Bruce Forsyth as died.

some might say scab though, when he (and normam wisdom) performed at the london paladium during an equity union strike.
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Re: Bruce Forsyth as died.

RIP Brucie , nice to see ya To see ya nice Cry

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Re: Bruce Forsyth as died.

Very sad another great entertainer has gone. Probably the greatest egotist showbiz has ever seen, but could show a common touch as well.

Had a quite talent for attracting fabulous women, not the least of which was Ann Sidney, arguably the most beautiful of European/US based Miss Worlds

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Re: Bruce Forsyth as died.

When watching the TV literally just a few days ago, Challenge was showing repeats of Play Your Cards Right and Bruce's Price Is Right. A shame.

Hopefully they'll continue to do so, but I guess that is the decision of his family.

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Re: Bruce Forsyth as died.

They'll keep broadcasting them for as long they have the rights to do so.
His family doesn't even come into it...
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Re: Bruce Forsyth as died.

Yes I am sure you are right legally, but the channel should show some compassion, do the right thing morally, and ask his family do they want them to continue to do so.

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Re: Bruce Forsyth as died.

Challenge have done the same with having marathons of shows when a gameshow host passed away, they did the same when Bob Holness passed away, they showed various episodes of Blockbusters back-to-back, not as an in-compassionate act, but as a celebration of their life and how best we remember them, so it's a tribute to them for us as a nation to remember them by... Smiley

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Re: Bruce Forsyth as died.

Bruce Forsyth was a great entertainer but I think his heyday was in the 70's with The Generation game. His connection with the contestants and the audience was second to none. I felt his return to TGG in the early 90's never quite captured the fun and spontaneity of the original.


I found all his shows enjoyable and watchable, though and he never used foul language and always appeared gentlemanly. I also felt the When Amanda Met Bruce BBC show was a good tribute.


There is very good tribute to him by Jimmy Tarbuck who was a close friend.

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