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Broken bones

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Broken bones

Guess I have been lucky in life regarding serious injury resulting in a broken bone(s) considering the daft risks I took when younger and a few when I was older and should have had more sense, so to date not one single broken bone.

However talking to some people and excluding medical conditions some people seem to have a long history of breaking bones, of course it's expected in certain sports that the risk is high but in this instance I am just thinking about the average person who takes no more risks than anyone else.

So are you fortunate enough to be like me and broke nothing or someone with a long history of broken bones ?

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Re: Broken bones

It gets more common as you get older. The NHS puts a lot of time into 'falls prevention' amongst the elderly.


Many years ago I broke a bone in my arm when I fell whilst playing tennis. I got up and finished the match before being taken to hospital.


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Re: Broken bones

Thankfully I've only ever been in this position twice; once, in my early teens, after a motor cycle accident where I broke many, many bones including ribs, arms, legs and a collar bone. Then again in a car accident 30 years later where it was just my some of my ribs and I still have 'evidence' of that accident to this day!

But I guess you could say that's a life time of breaks for someone else.

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Re: Broken bones

Hope I'm not tempting fate, but my two breaks (1 thigh, 1 elbow ), were both due road accidents 47 and 44 years ago. Neither were my direct fault, and touch wood that's my lot.

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Re: Broken bones

Nothing much. Chipped kneecap (lambretta accident) and I suspect a fractured skull. Never knew for sure as I was very young when my brother hit me with a garden fork. Probably though as I can still feel a small ding on my head.

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Re: Broken bones

I've fallen out of trees and been in one serious road accident but never broken any bones.

I did read somewhere that some people's bones don't harden as much as others resulting in bones that flex rather than break.

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Re: Broken bones

I believed I'd never broken a bone until I was examined in connection with rhinitis. The consultant shone his light up my nose and announced that I have a deviated septum, almost certainly the result of a childhood fall. I declined his offer to straighten it!

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Re: Broken bones

I've never had any diagnosed broken bones, but I'm sure I've had fractures, one being when I slipped over in the bath when I was about 9 years old, probably fractured a rib (and it still causes problems today), then later in life stamping on the floor when my brother decided to use the stereo at stadium concert levels when I was trying to sleep, probably fractured my heel in my right foot, cos that hurt for weeks afterwards, but other than that, not actually broken anything major despite doing a lot of potentially bone-breaking things in my 31 years of life... Grin


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Re: Broken bones

Never had a broken bone.. well at least not diagnosed but years ago when I was 17 my left arm developed a very sudden strong ache and it went on for around 5-6 weeks before it started to ease off. No idea if it was broken but undiagnosed or something else but i used to be terrified of doctors and hospitals back then so didn't want to see anyone about it in case they cut me up and stuck labels on the pieces.

These days i can't stay away from them but thats another story.

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Re: Broken bones

In my teens and twenties I hated sport but did a lot of mountaineering, rock climbing and some caving I fell more than 5 metres several times yet apart from grazes in those incidents I've broken no bones. 

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Re: Broken bones

Somehow I managed to fracture a clavicle (collar bone) falling off the arm of a settee when I was five or six.

At fourteen, fell twenty feet from a tree, landed flat on my back, and walked away unscathed.

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Re: Broken bones

Never broken anything until into my sixties, then I had two separate accidents giving me a total of four broken ribs... and they are still giving me gyp and always will now I guess.

Ooch, ooch, ouch.

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Re: Broken bones

Broke my nose, had it snapped back into place. Not pleasant.

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Re: Broken bones

I've had my nose put out of joint a few times but never brokenCheesy


Never broke any other bones either... sprained my ankles a few times, though

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