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Britons abroad and voting rights.

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Britons abroad and voting rights.

It seems that the Tories are going back on their promise to scrap the fifteen year time limit in order to allow Britons abroad to vote in the general election - and I for one totally agree with them. Why should those who have lived overseas for some considerable time get a say in how we at home conduct our affairs?

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder so there is going to be a shaking of fists from across the waters that's for sure but there you have it, and I have three siblings, one son and numerous cousins who have lived overseas for many years. 

As an Englishman who has lived in Wales for more years that I care to remember, why should I get the right to vote in a local election in my home county of Surrey, and how would I feel if 'Tommy Thompson' from west Yorkshire had the right to cast his vote here in Carmarthenshire? 

It makes no sense Crazy2

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Re: Britons abroad and voting rights.

I can't wait for all the remainers who are applying for citizenship of another EU country to be called up for national service. Laugh