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British Rail extends the line and survives the chop - again! (Pic heavy)

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British Rail extends the line and survives the chop - again! (Pic heavy)

Hi all
We're back on the BR track with this thread..
I've just received word that BRBR (British Railways Board Residuary), commonly known as the remains of the former British Rail / British Railways Board, are going to survive their March 31st closure. I've no idea whats happened but they were due to close on 31st March this year but this has now been postponed until September.
Yes thats right, British Rail, who've fought hammer and tooth to survive the conservatives in the past are now going to survive the end of the line again! It may only be temporary but it still leaves open a slim window of hope that they may be saved. Yes thats right folks, a staggering TWENTY YEARS since John Major decided to scrap BR, they're still soldiering on!
So to celebrate British Rail and its past again, here is some more of the seriously big and impressive stuff that they've achieved on behalf of this country in the past This is stuff that just isn't done here anymore despite our grovelling politicians saying they want more science / engineering / manufacturing / industry to save the economy while doing nothing about it:
British Rails Network SouthEast Class 421:

The words earliest tilting train prototype which was jet turbine powered - APT-E

The finished product - APT-P

The legendary Intercity 125 (which caused internal spats between the Intercity and APT teams):

British Rail even took to the roads too (I suspect this happened in several towns). This is Weymouth where the council are still debating what to do with the tracks since Network Rail has shown no interest in using them:

This just doesn't look tall enough..

I told you to go left!:

Naturally I found pictures of good old NSE visiting Weymouth too:

The conservatives failed to stop British Rail, Dr Beeching failed to stop British Rail, nothing could stop British Rail.. oh hang on, there's always one  Roll eyes

While we're on the subject of British Rail and ports, they also ran British Rail SeaLink.
I don't think this is one of them but some of them actually carried trains (Note how the arrow of misdirection is the wrong way round):

But this quite clearly was!:

Another BRS operated ship:

British Rail also ran car carrying hovercraft too - seen here under the seperate brand of Seaspeed

Not content with trains and boats, British Rail even had their own fleet of busses:

I mentioned this one before but they had plans for flight too - only revealed a couple of years back:

We can only speculate what that may have actually looked like when done but here are a couple of guesses people have made:

This would have been very cool:

Of course BR had it's Old-Skool past too:
MALLARD!!! (Fastest steam train ever which still holds the record - I think) This may actually have been pre-BR..:

And a different logo:

They also had diesels.. this is a deltic (two of which passed by the back of my place the other day in COLAS livery):

No idea what this is but it has the NSE livery so it'll do  Wink:

More diesel power:

Finally, two things British Rail left us with that are STILL in use and unchanged:
The sign that you'll still find at every station:

The humble BR ticket

Well thats it for the images!
BR not only operated on 1/5 of the subsidy that the railways have today (even though they're suppoed to generate their own income) they also did things, engineered things, built things and most importantly were British. They carried the British flag colours, they supported the british pride and they were an icon of industry in the UK.
They still exist and they can still be saved. More and more railway programmes are coming onto the TV networks every month so there is clearly still a big place in the nations heart for the railways. With enough demand, British Rail could be brought back from the brink to run the railways again or to at least compete with the other operators. Before you say it won't or can't happen, they've survived TWENTY YEARS and now they've survived their own closure date that was set in the Public Bodies Bill. They CAN be saved with your help. If you appreciate the things that BR ever did for this country, please write to someone like your MP and show your support for BRBR.
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