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Bring me Sunshine

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Bring me Sunshine

We have  a dark utility room....


Even with lights on, still pretty dark.


I discovered a mains powered 50W, 100 LED Worklight, 3750lm, 6000K

50w LED Worklight.jpg

500W incandescent equivalent, It is so bright, you almost need sunglasses to use the room now.


Am thinking of lots of other uses ...


We have a few 30W portable rechargeable ones too, for power cuts, and outside working.

Outhouses etc.


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Re: Bring me Sunshine

I had one of those halogen worklights when I was running new cables and pipes in our loft during renovation, but this sort of thing would have been much better. As you'll know, whilst very bright they do get really hot - and the bulbs are easily cracked when (not if) it they get knocked over. It's been hanging in the shed broken and unused for years.    

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