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Bravo Movies scam warning !

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Bravo Movies scam warning !

Just received an email, purporting to be from Bravo Movies.

Text as follows...


Online streaming services


BravoMovies is on the top list of the best internet streaming services on this planet! Access limitless shows and movies with BravoMovies! 

How did you enjoy your free premium?
Thanks a lot for choosing to become our premium subscription client! 

 Your subscription will be immediately renewed utilizing the billing info you mentioned. You'll be charged only $39.99 a month after the expiration of the demo stage.


Full Sum:

BravoMovies Premium plan Four weeks     $39.99*
 *All tax fees are integrated in the price total

Hopefully you liked our services and that you are ready to go to a premium subscription. In case you wish to know more about your purchase let us know at: 1 814 351 9579

Please do not miss to write a feedback regarding our service on our web-site!

-The BravoMovies Crew 







Now, the thing is.... I do not, and have never, subscribed to any online streaming service.   So I`ve done some research. 

First I went to the official Bravo Movies site via a VPN on Opera.    unfortunately it does not give a phone number for contact...but it does give the postal address as Burbank CA.

Next I did a google search on "What is the area code for Burbank CA"  and it comes back as 818

Next I did a google search on "Where is area code 814 in Burbank.CA"  which came back, again with 818. However, further listings showed that 814 area code is a code in Pennsylvania !.

Doing a "reverse phone look up"  search on the 814 351 9579   gave this result....


And that number was increasing all the time I was looking at it !  ! ! ! ...

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Re: Bravo Movies scam warning !

Thankfully i think most people are now wising up to unexpected scam messages which keep going round. I get quite a few each week and just bin them. Thankfully the HMRC, internet police and various others have never given me any hassle in person since lol.

I got a new one yesterday to my phone, i've got her old car advertised online - she wants it's scrap value and said i can do whatever with it. Anyway got a text yesterday from someone saying they really like it but want a full PDF report of the cars history - helpfully they even sent me a link to a website where i can find such a report. Naturally it'll be a bogus site either trying to sell me a vehicle report or infect my phone with something.. I'm not silly lol, i just gave the sender the silent treatment but i suspect it's worked well for them with a number of vehicle sellers.

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Re: Bravo Movies scam warning !

@7up  to us "wise one`s" it is reasonably obvious... but... it`s a good job that my missus is not tech savvy !... and only has a phone that can make calls and send and receive texts.... She has had a couple of scam type text messages, that she could quite easily have "fallen for"..  as most people have been doing a lot of online shopping... parcel delivery is something quite important to everyone... we all want to be "at home" when a delivery takes place... and these two... (quite different, but the same kind of thing) . were directly aimed at the less than careful.

One was worded, something like....   "If you are wondering where your mystery parcel is....... go to this website..... "  and gave a web address that ended DHL...... !   so on the outset, it looks legit.  the other was... We have a parcel to deliver and need to know when you will be home....   web address ...

In both cases, I explained to the missus... a... there is no direct address to her... b. there is no information as to where/who the parcel is coming from ... ... in the first case... whoever sends off for a "mystery parcel"  ? ?? ? 

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Re: Bravo Movies scam warning !

@shutter wrote:


... and ... in the first case... whoever sends off for a "mystery parcel"  ? ?? ? 

I'm tempted to @shutter !  Cheesy

Inside the box of a purchase I received a couple of days ago, there was a mystery scratch-card as below.

Obviously if I do give in to temptation I'll use a throwaway email address, but it's probably some sort of discount off a further purchase over £X amount. Wink



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Re: Bravo Movies scam warning !

@RobPN  Yeah... I have seen "similar" ads online... but... as you say, in your case, ( no pun intended ! ) . it`s probably genuine. Of course.... whoever is sending you the "mystery" parcel... will advise you directly, of it`s despatch, and expected delivery date, and maybe even who the courier is, with any tracking...    all of which is not even mentioned in the two examples I quoted ! . ( another clue as to how un-genuine they were ! ! ) .


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Re: Bravo Movies scam warning !

I had one yesterday:

"Someone has tried to send you money via Paym, the UK mobile payment service. To learn more about Paym, contact your bank or building society. Opt-out? Reply STOP".

My actual quote is better formatted than the text,which was missing some spaces. 

Yeah right I am going to take that with a biggest pinch of salt going. Firstly why would I have to contact my bank surely I would need to contact yourselves?

I noticed the scam text came from a shortcode, which I won't post on here as I am not giving the scammer free advertising. Yes I know they can be spoofed and my thinking is replying STOP to the shortcode means me sending a reverse charged text to them?. They make a bit of money per victim, so even if it is 50p extra on a victim's bill, then even after they get charged fees and make say 20p, then 20p per victim could equal a lot of money they've stolen.

Still I am just going to ignore it, and make sure I don't get charged. Mind you in this day an age it is hard to get a paper bill from companies now. Of course they claim it is to help save the planet, when really it is to save them money.

I've done two international bank transfers, and I know it is a case of getting an IBAN and SWIFTBIC to get money from abroad. The first time was when I had to transfer 40k via CHAPS to buy out my house, so giving 40k to someone else was stressful (thinking have I done it right et al?). I went into a local pub to calm down, had a pint and when I got notification the money went through fine suffice to say I had another few. Phew 🙂

Second time was when I was given some shares from an old company I used to work for and used to get letters from the US telling me how many shares I had. I didn't want them, so I cashed them in. Right phone bank get IBAN and SWIFTBIC, ring shares company to give them the info and say I no longer want them gave IBAN/SWIFTBIC. Learned the hard way when I called them the first time that while calling a freephone 1-800 US number whilst it does work from a mobile, the only caveat is it costs an arm and a leg. £1 a minute. Call cost me £10 - ouch.

My sister said why not use (a well known video calling company she uses) where you can call 1-800 number for free. "Ooh I didn't know you could do that?", I said. So the second time I chose the call a 1-800 for free over the internet option (better one that is) and gave them my bank details.

Kept checking my bank account (about every yoctosecond!) to see if anything went in. It did. £1700. As the Jazz Club Fast Show guy once said, "Niiicccce", and "Greeaaat". I was rather like that shall we say, and still had a pint to celebrate. 😀🍺

Not that I really need an excuse anyway.

It was worth the hassle of learning how to do international bank transfers and I am sure anyone would agree that they wouldn't mind the hassle of learning how to do it, if it meant and the outcome was £1700 being transferred into your account would it?

So worked out quite well, getting paid to work out how international bank transfers work. You can't complain can you, usually I manage to find something to complain about in situations but this is one rare time I can't.

Sorry back on topic and talking about scams, yeah I noticed (sorry I am going to use the swear filter here) the [-Censored-] will start changing tactic and will use something terrible as the virus to try and make some money. My predictation is that will happen soon.

Sorry for the length and me digressing (a lot). Mystic Alex, signing off from this post 😛

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Re: Bravo Movies scam warning !

What a fascinating story...... just wish I knew what it all means ! ... people who spk  in abbrvs really annoy me !


Those two Chaps, Iban & Swiftbic, sounds like a right pair of (russian?)  scammers to me.  Glad to know your 40k ( whatever that was) was ok, in the end, though ! 

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Re: Bravo Movies scam warning !

whenever I have had to send large amounts whether by fast banking or any of the other options I always agree to send a small amount like a £1. Once they confirm receipt I'll send the rest.

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Re: Bravo Movies scam warning !

I'll remember that for next time @Mav although after my last encounter with Moneygram used via the Post Office when £500 sent to my son who was then in Australia finished up with a 'Mr Patel' in Canada...

It all turned out OK in the end but, what a palaver. .  



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