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Boy, Two, Takes Lone 24-Mile Bus Journey

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Boy, Two, Takes Lone 24-Mile Bus Journey

A two-year-old boy wearing only his pyjamas and a nappy managed to travel 28 miles on a bus from Wales to England without anyone noticing.
The toddler boarded the bus with other passengers in Montgomery, Wales.
He reportedly ran down the aisle before climbing on the backseat where he sat calmy among two teenagers.
It was not until the bus arrived at its destination in Shrewsbury 52 minutes later that the driver realised the boy was unaccompanied.
Tanat Valley Coaches and Motors, the company which operates the service, said all the passengers had assumed the child belonged to someone else on the bus.

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Re: Boy, Two, Takes Lone 24-Mile Bus Journey

Back in "the old days" a responsible person would have dealt with this promptly by asking the child who they were with.
Nowadays with all the "paedophilia scares" no-one dare question a child that is lost or alone.
I know someone who works (as a volunteer) at a large public venue where families pay to visit. They are told that if they encounter a lone child (in distress or not) the ONLY thing they can do is call for help by radio and observe the child until help arrives. They cannot interfere, talk to them etc. etc.  Crazy