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Boxing Day bargains.

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Boxing Day bargains.

I'm going nowhere m'self as the car needs a wheel bearing so I'll not chance it, but for those looking for a post Christmas bargain, according to one media pundit you can save an absolute fortune in the sales today by not going shopping!

Count me in. 😊

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Re: Boxing Day bargains.

I'll probably follow that advice too!  Thumbs_Up

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Re: Boxing Day bargains.

Bargains 101...first lesson

Its is only a bargain if you actually need it -

Don't fall into the trap of getting stuff just because the price is reduced - all of us have stuff in cupboards that was a bargain at the time,  but rarely if ever got used...  My wife and me don't even get each other christmas presents any more,  we get small ones for family adults,  decent ones for kids and younger members,  but the adults spend the money that would have gone on presents on a decent meal out together in January once xmas and new Year are out of the way.  Come to think of it this year I may get some fireworks if any on reduced sale - to celebrate Brexit day 31st Jan 2020.. and get some cheap EU flags to burn..

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Re: Boxing Day bargains.

I wonder if anywhere has wheel bearings on sale. . .😁

We don't "do" the sales, well not unless there's something we actually need, and can wait a bit for.

Sales are not exactly a rarity these days. There's always some "never to be beaten" offer on everything.

But no way I'm going out to buy something just because it's a bargain.

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Re: Boxing Day bargains.

@Minesapint wrote:

I wonder if anywhere has wheel bearings on sale. . .😁


I suspect there are many places where wheel bearings are "on sale"... but I would recommend NOT going to HALFORDS for them... even if they advertised 25%off... you will probably still pay more than the price at your nearest Motor Factors...

Motor Factors, "used to be " for the "trade" only...however most of them will sell to anyone at "trade price" ... you only have to ask...  check out your "local motor factors" on a google search... and give them a ring.


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Re: Boxing Day bargains.

And can you get that bearing off without a bearing puller.....and some bearings may also need special short a diy job that may appear to save you money might cost more in the long run.

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