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Bootstrap Broadband

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Bootstrap Broadband

This is a interesting idea that might help some people with poor broadband speeds.

Clearly there are limitations but it could help thousands, what do you think ?

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Re: Bootstrap Broadband

Excellent solution without digging up half the Countryside. I've seen similar setups in London & New York.

I've always thought Wi-Fi using Mesh networking could be part of the future solutions.

Good Luck to them and hope the Jobsworths don't become involved...............

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Re: Bootstrap Broadband

The tech has been around for years - I used to know a fella who was building all his own mesh networking gear years ago for export and had two towns covered with free internet so this is nothing new really. My friend gave free internet in return for being able to test his kit - that was it. He paid all the internet connection costs etc and openly admitted that it was being abused by some - but he didn't mind as he was able to test his hardware knowing that he had users that would report any faults. That was 12 years ago! The only downside was the lack of a public IP and port forwarding. That made it a right pain in some respects.

bootstraps pricing is a bit steep!


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Re: Bootstrap Broadband

some info on pricing

Mr Anderson fields calls when neighbours have IT problems and fixes or replaces the equipment if it stops working. Unlike big broadband companies no-one is tied into the service, they have no minimum contract and can cancel or change their package at any time.

He charges £90 for installation and then offers them different packages from £25 to £45 a month for speeds of up to 25Mbps but said he barely makes any profit from it.