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In view of mounting pressure from the hoi-poloi, I have, after much thoughtful consideration and in view of examples elsewhere decided not to accept the bonus of two extra Shredded Wheat biscuits in the pack purchased this morning. This though is in direct contravention to the contract provided with the company at the time of purchase.
This is in view of the stated company proposal to provide as many as four extra biscuits, but has apparently done little to advance market aspirations to increasing the amount of biscuits available therefore making it possible for the company to own several packets of Bite-Size Shreddies for themselves.
Therefore my board of directors (SWMBO and Mitzy the cat) have called upon me to make the well known two-finger gesture to the lot of em' and search the back of the supermarket shelves and find the smaller but similarly priced but smaller pack.   
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Re: Bonus?

Someone is bound to tell you to BOGOF  Wink