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Bone or Gone...

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Bone or Gone...

... that is the question as to what rhymes with scone.


Had this very discussion with a friend the other day. I have always pronounced it as rhyming with gone since an English teacher insisted that was the correct way after a lengthy discussion on the Stone of Scone in McBeth.


Bone or gone

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Re: Bone or Gone...

you're obviously a suvner.. the correct answer is bone Wink

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Re: Bone or Gone...

Being a Yokshuman, born, but dragged up in the midlands, it has always been "Skon".   because cream teas were the orignal "fast food" before Mcd had even been invented


(`s gon ) = ( Scon(e) )

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Re: Bone or Gone...

But that place in Scotland is pronounced SKooooon

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Re: Bone or Gone...


It wouldn't surprise me if the 'gone' pronunciation was an americanism. They get everywhere these days.

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Re: Bone or Gone...

Up north it's scone as in the fastest cake in the world, s'gone, unless you're one of the sorts who tries to be "civilised" by pretending to be posh like Hyacinth Bucket... Funny

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Re: Bone or Gone...

Reminds me of Harry Secombe's I think it was quip to PrInce Charles, "heir today, goon tomorrow"  Smiley


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Re: Bone or Gone...

As someone who grew up down south, scone rhymes with gone. My wife who is 'proper yorkshire' always corrects me on this though.

The same goes for 'lunch' but apparently its called 'dinner' ... which doesn't make sense to me as thats the evening meal.. but thats called 'tea'.

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