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Blowing in the wind...

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Blowing in the wind...

Local council workers, are out in force, mowing all the green grass they can find... and there is plenty of it, when you take a look around you... normally, you see a crew of three or four... two on drive on mowers, and one with a strimmer,... but the guy who I think is a waste of money is the guy with the Blow Job... who goes around blowing the cuttings off the paved areas. Presumably this is some form of Elf and Safety.. to stop claims from pedestrians for slipping up on the grass cuttings.

The other way, would be for the council to employ mowers with collection boxes... and for the guy with the blower to empty them into a suitable council lorry, to take to the tip , and be turned into vegetable compost... this, being bagged up, could then be sold,  ( as it is at our local "Household recycling facility)  and more money made by the council...

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Re: Blowing in the wind...

Ooh err missus. Roll_eyes

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