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Bitmap Graphics Help Please.

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Bitmap Graphics Help Please.

First off, is this the right board for this? I put it here for maximum exposure, and as it not really related to Tech Help...

I’m looking for someone with graphic skills to do me a favour please?

All I need is a bitmap, well 2 actually, so I can use them as a resources for the Toolbar in my File Scanner (which now has a GUI). So what I need are 3 icons to represent the following :

Exit, Filter, Run

For the first bitmap each icon needs to be 16 x 16 pixels located side by side so with the 3 icons above the bitmap would be 16px * 48px, the same logic applies to the second bitmap but the icon size is 32 * 32 (32px * 96px), and each bitmap should have a transparent background.

I know there are resources available on the internet but this is something I’m no good at so would rather have some who knows what they are doing.

Credit will of course be given, so if anyone feels creative I’d appreciate a PM.

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Re: Bitmap Graphics Help Please.

Can you not find equivalent .png images in created for some other program, and copy them?

You could use something like GIMP to edit the icons into a stack.
Note that a 32 x 96 image can easily be reduced to 16 x 48.

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Re: Bitmap Graphics Help Please.

All I know is I need this to be a bitmap so I can treat it as an array of images, so the original source could be .png I guess. I don’t have GIMP or anything remotely like it, nor the talent to drive it, I’m not saying doing it myself is a waste of my time but I suspect there are people on here that can do this stuff in their sleep.

You’re right about the rescaling of the 32x96 down to 16x48 so in theory a single bitmap of 32x96 would be the best place to start.