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Birds on the Wire

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Birds on the Wire




Legendary singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen has died aged 82.


The 20 greatest Leonard Cohen songs

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Re: Birds on the Wire

Birds on the wireless... Grin



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Re: Birds on the Wire

Thats deserves a big LOL Cheesy
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Re: Birds on the Wire

Another incredible talent gone this year.  


A pity that there's only one Nobel prize for literature, I don't begrudge Dylan the award, but I think Cohen was at least an equal, if not more, deserving contender.


RIP in The Tower Of Song.

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Re: Birds on the Wire

Sad news, might treat myself to what he used to call his 'stingy brim' black trilby. Amazing artist and super cool with it.

Rest well fella.



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Re: Birds on the Wire

BBC4 Tonight, Friday 11th November


Leonard Cohen - Songs from a Life


Leonard Cohen - Bird on a Wire


Both available on BBC iPlayer shortly after transmission