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Bird brain. Well.. maybe not.

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Bird brain. Well.. maybe not.

This raises so many questions in my head... how does it walk around (does it walk?) does it sleep? does it run around and flap like normal?

A headless chicken has survived a week since decapitation. Apparently not for the first time as there was one that survived for 18 months in 1945 too.

It's definitely odd.. and slightly creepy!

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Re: Bird brain. Well.. maybe not.

Once the part of the brain that controls such things as breathing, heart rate, blood pressure etc. is no longer connected to the body, the organism should, in theory, die.  Perhaps more primitive brains, like that of a chicken, continue as they were at the moment of decapitation.  However, this seems unlikely since there would have been an adrenalin rush, initially from fear, then from the trauma to the chicken, which would increase blood pressure (not good with no head stopping it gushing out a the top), pulse, respiration and so on.

When the severed head of one of the kings beheaded on Tower Hill was held up to the gathered crowd, it was reported that the lips moved as if it was trying to speak, but of course without the benefit of lungs no sound was produced.

How did the chicken that survived for 18 months eat?

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Re: Bird brain. Well.. maybe not.

I guess birds are close to reptiles. And some reptiles were known to have a brain at each end of their spine so maybe some birds have a vestigial remnant at their nether regions.

I've also heard that this applies to some people who often allow this brain to take over and do their talking and thinking for them.


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Re: Bird brain. Well.. maybe not.


Folks talking out of their backside? Never Wink

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Re: Bird brain. Well.. maybe not.

Given us men apparently do most of our thinking with our trouser department, it's only fair that we talk out of our rears too... Funny