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Binge Viewing.

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Binge Viewing.

To be honest, at the moment I'm binge viewing 'House of Cards'. I thought I'd got over such obsessions after getting hooked on 'Game of Thrones' but there you go, I'm addicted again!

Is there some sort of group I could join in order to break this cycle of compulsion? Wink


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Re: Binge Viewing.

I guess most people are addicted to one thing or another, if you were not doing that what else would you rather be doing ?

I guess it's a lot better than some addictions people have and as a bonus you got this addiction later in life unlike some young people who cannot put their phone or tablet down even when eating a meal.

Your own addiction will end when you reach the end of the house of cards & game of thrones.... I could help you though by telling you what's happened in either of those programs thus saving you the need to watch further episodes providing to promise not to start watching ,' Blindspot' 'Ray Donovan' or similar.






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Re: Binge Viewing.

I have never binge-watched preferring the anticipation of the next episode. There are times when I may watch two or three episodes back-to-back but never more than that. Even with the Big Bang Theory where episodes are an average of 20 minutes each I still only watch two or three at a time.


When it comes to the final episode of a series I often put that off a bit longer as it's like saying goodbye to a friendCheesy

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Re: Binge Viewing.

I've been binge-watching Star Trek: Voyager, had it on my Plex-powered media server for a month or so and am pretty much halfway through it after starting watching three or four episodes a day, been a long time since I last saw it in full and uninterrupted (hate TV adverts!), just having a day or two off at the moment as I broke Plex (or Plex broke itself with its latest updates!!! Grrr!) while I fix that, annoying cos just got into Season four where Seven of Boobs, I mean Boobs of Nine, oh never mind, she's just turned up on Voyager so was quite enjoying that 'til Plex failed... Grin

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Re: Binge Viewing.

I binge watch sci-fi or just fi every now and then.. things like the a-team, thunderbirds, stargate (sg1, atlantis, universe) but it's becoming rarer. I haven't used the dvd player for many months now.

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