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Billing Query

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Billing Query

I’ve recently switched away from Plusnet to a new broadband provider. My connection was ‘switched off’ on 2nd September (the last day of my 12 month contract) but today - 10th Sept my linked bank account has been debited £11.66. How do I go about getting this charge refunded?

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Re: Billing Query

Hopefully your post will be moved to My Account/Billing by a mod shortly, and be read there by a member of PN staff.

However, as I understand it Direct Debits are 'lined up' for payment some time in advance of the actual payment date so the situation you describe isn't all that uncommon.  You are right to query it straight away just in case the PN billing system 'forgets' to refund you.  PN usually promise a refund within 10 working days; make sure your Direct Debit remains active so that they can just return the money to your bank account.  When I left PN (before the new, now two-year old, billing system), my refund took two weeks exactly, which in that case was nine working days since there was a bank holiday during that period.