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Bill Gates Picks His Own Punishment

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Bill Gates Picks His Own Punishment

Satan greets him: "Welcome Mr. Gates, we've been waiting for you. This will be your home for all eternity. You've been selfish, greedy and a big liar all your life. Now, since you've got me in a good mood, I'll be generous and give you a choice of three places in which you'll be locked up forever.

Satan takes Bill to a huge lake of fire in which millions of poor souls are tormented and tortured. He then takes him to a massive coliseum where thousands of people are chased about and devoured by starving lions. Finally, he takes Bill to a tiny room in which there is a bottle of the finest wine sitting on a table. To Bill's delight, he sees a PC in the corner. Without hesitation, Bill says "I'll take this option."

"Fine," says Satan, allowing Bill to enter the room. Satan locks the room after Bill.

As he turns around, he bumps into Lucifer. "That was Bill Gates!" cried Lucifer. "Why did you give him the best place of all!"

"That's what everyone thinks" snickered Satan.

"The bottle has a hole in it!"

"What about the PC?"

"It's got Windows 95!" laughed Satan.

"And it's missing three keys,"

"Which three?"

"Control, Alt and Delete."

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Re: Bill Gates Picks His Own Punishment

Could've been worse...have you run Win ME?  Funny 

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Re: Bill Gates Picks His Own Punishment

Or.... THe Alternative version... 


( Lucifer is also VileReynard.. aka Foxy ! )

and he says...


"What about the PC?"

"It's got Linux Mint 17 on it " laughed Satan.

"And it's missing the DVD drive, and usb ports"

Also the Hard drive is not accessible by the user. so it cannot be changed.


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Re: Bill Gates Picks His Own Punishment

He turns up in the room to discover Tony Bliar is the PC Technician fixing a fault (for eternity).

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Re: Bill Gates Picks His Own Punishment

That was doing the rounds many many years ago. As to Shutters version, no problem why would he need to save anything anyway?