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Beware of Peter Luton

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Beware of Peter Luton

I had a phone call from a Peter Luton who said that he was from Openreach and that my router was not secure. The long and short of my call was that it was a phishing call from 01153434764 which is a number you cannot ring.

I put the phone down on him and he quickly phoned me back on 02879526905. This number is associated with a Spanish pop group whose website is unobtainable.

I am told that Openreach have nothing to do with Plusnet even though the caller will explain that Openreach is responsible for all the telephone connections.

If you get a call about your router from anybody, except Plusnet, put the phone down and block the number, if you can.

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Re: Beware of Peter Luton

Yes lots of these scams going around I'm afraid.

I would ask them:

"Who is my ISP?"
"What model of router do I have?" (pretend you don't know - even if you do know Tongue)
"In what way is it insecure?"
"How did you detect this?"

If they get the first question right then ask for PlusNet CS number and a reference ID. Check the number they gave you is correct and phone them back. No doubt it will be false.

Had numerous ones at our house, my mum just says "My son deals with the IT here" and hangs up,

I was there recently when we had another, so I wound them up with technical questions I knew they couldn't answer, they said they we're from BT and there was a problem. After asking what division of BT they were from and what were was the nature of the problem. Took them about 6-7 minutes, person said "I don't understand" and cut the call off.

The way I look at it, is if you're going to waste my time - I will do to you.

I know I am being jokey and sarcastic, but not funny when your mum is elderly and has enough problems as it is without people trying to scam you too. Luckily me and her don't fall for it, but there are people who do sadly.

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Re: Beware of Peter Luton

Why would a Spanish pop group have a Northern Ireland phone number?