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Before you let an engineer into your home read this

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Before you let an engineer into your home read this

Following a loss of both phone and broadband service Plusnet informed us they would send an engineer to fix the fault on the line. The engineer from Openreach arrived the next day and checked the line outside then requested access to our home to check the line. He said he was unable to check the line using our main downstairs socket as he needed to use the master socket. This is located in our bedroom behind a bed. We allowed him access to our bedroom and, watched by my partner, he removed the faceplate and all of the wiring to test the line. The fault was identified as outside our property 350 yards up the line. He reconnected the master socket and left.

The fault on the line was fixed later that day. However the engineer has failed to reconnect the wires for our downstairs extension socket. We now have no phone or internet access downstairs.

Plusnet say they will not request a return visit as the line to our main socket is working. They say that despite the work being commissioned by them it is now our issue to resolve with Openreach. Openreach will not take a complaint unless it comes from the the commissioning body, our service provider- Plusnet.

So be aware if you allow an engineer into your home to resolve an issue with a Plusnet service you may be landed with the responsibility and the bill for sorting out any issues that occur.

We are now left with having to take this up with the ombudsman and/or pay ourselves for an independent electrician to reconnect the extension.



Had we not allowed the engineer into our home to investigate the fault we would not be where we are today- so think twice before allowing access - you could get more than you bargained for.

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Re: Before you let an engineer into your home read this

If you can replace a fuse in a 3 pin plug... you should be able to re-connect your downstairs phone to the master socket..

Here is an excellent page with all the necessary information, including pictures and descriptions

there are a couple of videos on Youtube


It really is not difficult.... just make sure you have the correct coloured "twisted pair"  to the right sockets and job done...



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Re: Before you let an engineer into your home read this

Sorry to hear this.
It may be worth calling Openreach directly on 0800 023 2023 (Selecting option 1 then option 2) to try to arrange for this to be sorted out.
Hope this helps.
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Re: Before you let an engineer into your home read this


Either you have a very old master socket or when the faceplate was taken off an extension wire got dislodged, possibly due to it not being correctly terminated. The master sockets these days are designed so that if connected correctly the extension cables are connected to the faceplate and are automatically disconnected when the faceplate is removed, and reconnected when the faceplate is replaced.

If one core of an extension cable became disconnected then the engineer might not have noticed. Unfortunately all extension wiring is the responsibility of the householder. I would take the faceplate off and see if a wire has dropped out. Fitting extension cabling to the faceplate is not hazardous and permitted by the authorities.