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Beats my Ford Escort

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Beats my Ford Escort
Easily beats the 386,000 miles I got from 1.6 diesel Escort but I took less time.
I see that record is held by a Simon Templar type car  Smiley
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Re: Beats my Ford Escort

One of the buses I regularly drive is M (prefix) registered, making it 30+ years old. It wasn't new to us having changed hands several times. But is now cherished by our team of engineers and runs like new. It is currently showing 533,000+ (admittedly K's) and is thought to be on the second time round.
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Re: Beats my Ford Escort

Highest mileage car I've had was 130k and would have gone on much longer if I'd not broken it up (MOT repair costs, lack of time/money etc). Engine and gearbox were absolutely sound.
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