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Bargains for everyone!

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Bargains for everyone!




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Re: Bargains for everyone!


You forgot to leave a link so I can send for some of this stuff !



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Re: Bargains for everyone!

Excellent, that's my Christmas shopping sorted for the in-laws !  Grin

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Re: Bargains for everyone!

Ooooh, a manual chainsaw. That'll come in handy for wifey's Christmas roast (and pud, and Yorkshire's, might also work on her gravy).  Cheesy

Wifey:  How much gravy you want on dinner?

Me: Same as usual love, 3 slices.

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Re: Bargains for everyone!

LOL Funny

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Re: Bargains for everyone!

Any sky hooks ?

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Re: Bargains for everyone!

I don't see Non-Pan Frying Sticks, they haven't got a good selection of bargains, it's like Black Friday all over again... Crazy