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Banking problems

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Banking problems

Seems some Natwest customers have had problems accessing their accounts on line and on Thursday Barclays customers had similar problems.

Cash machines were still working so not as bad as similar situations in the past but why do these problems occur ?

Surely you keep a old system going until a new system has been fully tested ?

Surely the banks can afford to employ the top software teams ?

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Re: Banking problems

Maybe they all use the same "top" software team.

Including plusnet.


It does seem to be general practice now with large companies to use their own customers as software testers.

Or at least it appears that way considering the sometimes obvious bug ridden cack going online.

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Re: Banking problems

They really do need to get a certain person's "bespoke software company" to sort it out! I'm sure that will crack the problem. Shocked

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Re: Banking problems

Would that be a spoke in the wheel?