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BT Wireless Hotspots

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BT Wireless Hotspots

I saw an advert last night for BT extolling the availability of its multi million wireless hot spots and it just wound me up, and it has nothing to do with me being an old git.
They only have these hot spots because they send out hardware that, by default, allows another BT users to leech your bandwidth, without even having to ask your permission.
Yes, I suppose it could be a good thing, and maybe useful at times but all the same from the manner of the advert it implies, to me at least, a subordinate service provided by BT as opposed to one resulting from a side effect.
Bleating over.
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Re: BT Wireless Hotspots

They are great, use them all the time even when I was not a BT customer.
If you not aware speed is limited for the hotspot user and usage does not get counted to the BT account.