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BT Hub 5...what to do with it?

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BT Hub 5...what to do with it?

I have a BT Home Hub 5 I won`t be needing or using again, even though I know they can sometimes be used as spares if my current router fails. If that happened I would want another one from PlusNet anyway, so decided that the Hub would be better:

a: Recycled?

b: Given to another person (although I`m not too sure if these devices hold personal information) so if that was the case, I would rather BT had it back. But they didn`t ask for it and I ain`t paying postal charges to post it back to them!


I`ve destroyed the ID/reference card it came with but the original sticker is still on the base still which shows the SSID, password for Wi-Fi etc...


Want to do what`s best really as I don`t just want to bin it for obvious reasons. Suggestions welcomed?

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Re: BT Hub 5...what to do with it?

@plusmouse You could go to this site....


Scroll down a bit,... and  "CHAT NOW "... to ask about that....

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Re: BT Hub 5...what to do with it?

I think I have seen these for sale on ebay, they do not fetch much but it may be an option for you

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Re: BT Hub 5...what to do with it?

There's no personal information stored on it so no issues there.

So eBay or freecycle it, or use it as a WiFi access point, or keep it as a spare (the current Plusnet Hub is a essentially rebadged Home Hub 5 so I dont really get your reasoning of wanting to get rid of the HH5)


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Re: BT Hub 5...what to do with it?

I might have a spare as well now that plusnet have just sent me one of theirs but to be honest the BT one looks much smarter and much less than like it was bought from Woolworths what with the white box and bubble gum pink feet. Add to that the guy on chat said the BT one was better? 

Could be worse, the one sent by Zen to my next door neighbour looks like something out of Flash Gordon!

Should we be bovvered? Probably not, but we are.

PS. Just to say my granddaughters were very impressed with the one from plusnet Smitten 



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Re: BT Hub 5...what to do with it?

Could you create your own personal cloud with one of them?

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Re: BT Hub 5...what to do with it?

@Minivanman  has anyone managed to use the wall mounting slots on the PN one Cheesy

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Re: BT Hub 5...what to do with it?

Thanks everyone for your replies. Davey, it`s good to know that any personal info is not stored on these things. I`m no techie so wasn`t sure about that, so thanks. I was a bit shocked by the pink feet too on the PlusNet router! Quite cute though! Smitten


I may contact BT about sending it to them IF they provide a pre-paid bag or a freepost label. I don`t have any use for it now and as time goes by, routers usually upgrade anyway so if I`m not going to find a use for it....


I would be happy to gift it to someone who had an older BT hub who wanted a better one, but couldn`t afford to pay for one. Don`t know anyone though. Has it`s adaptor and cable.