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BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Baby it's going to be cold outside

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BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Baby it's going to be cold outside

I just had a "translation" made from a russian report...Is this the weather our forecasters have just done for us , I wonder?
Last month winters meteorologists predict severe frosts in capital region. In the end of the first decade of February the temperature of air will reach a minus of 38 degrees at night. Under forecasts of weather forecasters to say goodbye with it is abnormal in the warm winter to capital inhabitants it is necessary already in the end of January. "In the night from Thursday to Friday Moscow and Moscow suburbs will get under influence of a cold part of a cyclone, and last working day of this week thermometers will show from a minus 4 - to a minus of 9 degrees"." Further the cold snap will proceed ", - she has added. As meteorologists, last day expect this month, on January, 31st, the temperature will fall to a minus of 13 degrees. And the turning-point will occur next week in the night from Friday to Saturday. It is supposed that air in a megacity will cool down to a minus 23, and in the afternoon on February, 7th thermometers will show 18 degrees of a frost. According to the long-term forecast, on it temperature fall will not stop. Already in the night from Saturday to Sunday, on February, 8th, air temperature will make a minus 33, and in the afternoon in target capital inhabitants should reconcile to a 26-degree frost. However and it will be yet a limit. In the night from Sunday to Monday, on February, 9th, meteorologists predict fall of temperature to a minus of 38 degrees. However, as has noted weather forecaster Gidrometeobjuro on duty, it for the present only the long-term forecast, and it is possible, capital inhabitants will manage to avoid such severe frosts.
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Re: BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Baby it's going to be cold outside

Maybe the forcaster had a few too many Vodkas.
Mind you the chap that used to do the weather on Sky News was always amusing, he always sounded like he'd just been woken up and was none too happy about it.