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BBC change of attitude?

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BBC change of attitude?

Recent BBC reporting on t Trump & Clinton... did just that... the reporters called them ( and others ) by their surnames only...  sometimes they would refer to them as Donald Trump... or Hilary Clinton..  in the same way as referring to EU politicians... Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande.... etc.


This morning, I detected a distinct change of attitude on BBC morning news programme, when they referred to Trump as MR Trump   several times in the same report.... every time his name came up, it was MR Trump.  said this...  MR Trump... said that...


Is this some kind of "toadying", or has it been "mentioned" by Downing Street, to treat him with a bit more respect, since we need the USA more on our side after leaving the EU   ?

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Re: BBC change of attitude?

The BBC is independent. Grin

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Re: BBC change of attitude?

Possibly want to interview him.....think of the viewing figures !

He would be putty in the hands of an experienced interviewer.

The BBC would not want to miss that !

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Re: BBC change of attitude?

Could you imagine Jeremy Paxman interviewing Mr Trump? I'd watch that.

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Re: BBC change of attitude?

Jeremy Paxman interviews Donald Trump, I'd buy a ticket.

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Re: BBC change of attitude?

Oh yes Paxman chat to Trump
Lmfao, thats one you cant miss
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Re: BBC change of attitude?

Well I suppose they have to respect his position, even if it is to the right of all that is wrong.

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Re: BBC change of attitude?

My favourite political interviewer used to be Brian Walden.  Having been an MP himself, he didn't let them get away with anything.  His stock phrase was, "I must pwess you on this" ( he couldn't pronounce the r-sound) and he kept 'pwessing' until they answered his question.