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BBC Wants DRM On HD Broadcasts

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BBC Wants DRM On HD Broadcasts

Hi All
This is wrong the BBC should not be aloud to do this, but thay have been aloud to do this to us.  Angry
[quote="BBC Wants DRM On HD Broadcasts - Wed Sep 16, 2009"]
"The EFF's Danny O'Brien has pointed out that the BBC has asked a UK regulator for permission to add DRM to their high-definition broadcasts. Apparently, this is at the behest of content providers. 'BBC is proposing to encode the TV listings metadata that accompanies all digital TV channels with a simple compression algorithm. The parameters to this algorithm would be kept secret by the BBC: it would ask manufacturers to sign a private agreement in order to receive a copy. This license would require the implementation of pervasive DRM in the equipment they build.' Ofcom, the regulatory body in question, has detailed the proposal asked for comments, but the window closes today."

ORG responded during the two week consultation
[quote="BBC seeks TV encryption through the back door"]
A BBC / Ofcom consultation is seeking  to rush through permission for the BBC to encrypt the ‘electronic program guide’ and thereby impose new restrictions on HD TV devices in the future.
ORG has registered a protest at this blatant attempt to impose encryption of TV through the back door, despite years of assurances that public TV in the UK is committed to free-to-air broadcasting.
By encrypting the signal, the BBC will be able to impose restrictions on devices and drivers that receive and decode signal, as they will need to accede to the license conditions to use the programme guide – an essential if you’re going to make proper use of your equipment.
Furthermore, by attempting to rush through the consultation in a mere two weeks, with no notice to key stakeholders like Open Source developers and consumer groups, the consultation itself needs in our view to be scrapped and restarted.

ORGs submission to OFCOM - pdf
ORGs complaint to BBC Trust - pdf
Ofcom BBC HD consultation launched
[quote="No news from Ofcom on BBC DRM"]
ORG and people concerned with the BBC's gradual locking up of content, with its consequent lock down on competition, innovation and usability, are still waiting for Ofcom's response to their consultation on BBC HD.
Ofcom said they were "minded" to allow the BBC to introduce backdoor DRM on HD broadcasts, which would hit disabled users and open source developers particularly hard.
Many ORG supporters then wrote to the European Commission, as a unique UK system of DRM would create trade barriers: HD television devices made for the rest of Europe would not necessarily work in the UK.

[quote="Ofcom agrees to allow the BBC to hobble HD receivers"]
Ofcom have today dealt a serious blow to UK consumers and licence-payers by allowing the BBC to impose DRM for HD broadcasts.
Their decision will force them to buy non-standard equipment that may only work in the UK.
Ofcom have also dealt their credibility a serious blow by justifying their decision by saying this “will allow broadcasters to control the multiple copying of HD content and its retransmission over the internet”.
They accepted the spurious argument that HD content may not be provided in the UK without copy protection – despite the fact that unencrypted broadcasts occur in every other major HD market. In addition, the BBC has failed to name a single programme that would be withdrawn without the application of DRM to its broadcast.

[quote="BBC wins go-ahead for Freeview HD content controls
Ofcom, the UK’s TV regulator, has today given the go-ahead for the implementation of content controls on Freeview’s HD service. The controls are designed to prevent HD content being copied, controls without which, broadcasters have argued, some programmes might not be able to be shown.
The proposals mean that, while there won’t be restrictions on recording programmes on to a DVR with a built-in receiver, there will be restrictions imposed on attempts to copy material to other devices, for example by burning it to disc in high definition.
Rather than full-blown encryption, the Freeview HD programmes themselves will continue to be broadcast in the clear – so they’ll be receivable by DVB-T2 PC tuners when those become available.

BBC Freeview HD encoded/licensed EPG content proposal - comments due 2nd April 2010
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Re: BBC Wants DRM On HD Broadcasts

But why does hiding the title of the programme and a brief review of it amount to DRM - or indeed make any sense at all?
Will the TV Times say "Top secret programme".
Since it's supposed to be a top-secret compression code - but plain text will be provided by manufacturers who sign up to this madness, it shouldn't be too difficult to crack!
The cipher-text is available - and the decoded text is also available.
Shouldn't take a Bletchley Park to crack this one!