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Ayup, Ducks.......

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Ayup, Ducks.......


Lufthansa, Japan Airlines, and Disney World have decided not to start their announcements with


Ladies and Gentlemen.....  


(from the Daily Mail story ) ....

  • The German airline will greet passengers with 'dear guests' or 'good morning'
  • The company said it was responding to a 'discussion that is rightly being held'
  • Japan Airlines and Disney World recently ditched their classic greetings 



Yokshur Airlines hasn`t done this from it`s inception.... ! ! !













Ayup Ducks...


sithee  down, an` belt up...


we are about to take off....





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Re: Ayup, Ducks.......

Meh, the "Woke" Brigade strikes again! When will the Guardian reading lefties realise no one cares? The left deems every little thing potentially offensive, when in reality, no one cares.



Do you see? Cheesy