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Ay Carumba

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Ay Carumba

Don't Toast Crumbs just get everywhere !


Especially in the Bed.


Is that a crumb, or a bed bug you're eating ?

Is that Ay Caramba?


Midnight mini snack......

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Re: Ay Carumba

Can't say i've ever had a problem with toast crumbs.

Especially not in the bed!

If you have bed bugs then you need to do a bit more cleaning!

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Re: Ay Carumba

Not one for toast in bed but I must admit breakfast in bed takes some beating and no, it does not happen often but the times that it does this tray from IKEA  is pretty neat and it's one which the kids bought for us a couple of years back. It can fold flat or left just as it is and shoved under the bed, it's cheap enough at about £8, I can prop my kindle up on it and I don't get crumbs everywhere!

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