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Automatic Brakes

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Automatic Brakes

On a coach recently and the driver was explaining it had automatic brakes, something that he could not overide.

Actually demonstrated when a car at a roundabout pulled out in front of the coach.

I assume there must be some kind of sensor at the front of the bus linked to the brakes, not sure if it can also sense the distance and speed of the vehicle in front on a motorway.

Seems a excellent idea, pity they could not use the same system in cars as it would reduce the number of accidents.

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Re: Automatic Brakes

But think about the poor tailgaters who don't have this system fitted.

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Re: Automatic Brakes

There are already several different variants using proximity sensors available for cars, including those which apply the brakes if necessary.

There is an argument that too many 'smart' sensors make drivers less attentive and skilful and therefore put themselves and others at greater rather than less risk...

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Re: Automatic Brakes

My car (BMW 5 series) already does this. If I'm too close to a vehicle (or anything) in front it first warns then if no action is taken applies the brakes. The sensitivity (ie distance which triggers it) is adjustable to an extent.

Sometimes a bit of a surprise when someone nips into the gap in front of me, or when I pull out sharply behind someone who has just overtaken but seems to work fine.


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Re: Automatic Brakes

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Re: Automatic Brakes

And VW and BMW, also on Mercedes lorries.