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Ashes to ashes -and a film query

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Ashes to ashes -and a film query

Deciding what to put down for my funeral/interment/disposal. To be honest, I don't care what they do with the remains once I'm dead, but the wife wants to know ( she's also been checking up on our life insurances - I'm a bit nervous when she cooks anything new now, and I don't go in front of her down the stairsFunny either ).

Anyhows, to the case in point.  A few years ago I saw a film on tv that inspired my choice for disposal of my ashes. I want to find this film and show the wife, but I can't remember what the film was called.

It was a short film, a special I believe, on at christmas at least 2 years ago, maybe up to six years ago. The story starts with a young man, a high flyer in the city. He drinks, and loses his licence, his and has to do some community service. He starts off with a belligerent attitude towards the young underprivileged kids he is assigned to work with. He gradually turns towards respecting and liking these kids.

One day, one of the kids doesn't turn up, so calls at his house to find out why. the kids parents tell him he's dead. He had a terminal illness (and didn't tell anyone). Talking about him with the rest of the group they reminisce about this lad and the fact he wanted to go into space.

After his cremation, they pack his ashes into a large, commercial, firework rocket and send his ashes up into the sky, where the rocket explodes and spreads his ashes through the night sky.

A very touching film, my synopsis doesn't do it justice. Unfortunately I can't remember what it was or who was in it.

Can anyone help please?

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Re: Ashes to ashes -and a film query

Can't help with the film, but I know James May did something similar with weather balloons and the ashes of some pets on his Man Lab show...