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Around the world in Eightea days

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Around the world in Eightea days

Around the world in Eightea days
It all started on a trip to visit relatives in Canada a few years back..
Their favourite roadside cafe chain was Tim Hortons as we travelled around.
We (The Brits) asked for mugs of Tea.
It was appalling, made with hot (not boiling) water, and hot milk !!
We asked for it to be made the English way, with boiling water, and they told us it was not possible, as at that time, boiling water was not allowed, for safety / legal reasons.
Looking at their website, it now appears they may in fact do English Breakfast Tea, hopefully made with boiling water.

Similar problems in the US this visit, as before, hardly any boiling water.
Only hot coffee temperature water.

We always take our favourite tea bags with us on Holiday, and foreign business trips.
In the Hotel rooms, no problem with Kettles provided, but that awful milk in small pots, necessitating a trip to a milk vendor !
Or room service fresh milk, when available (for cereals)
At least we always have a fridge to keep the milk in.

Eightea days ?
We are part way through an Eighty(ish) days World trip, albeit only three main locations, holiday with some business.
And it looked like a good title, as is my way with paronomasia (puns) to me anyway.

Anyway, it’s time to visit one of the excellent Animal Kingdom Lodge Restaurants, with our refillable mugs, but no decent Tea !!
Cold drinks with meals, and Hot Chocolate back to the rooms !!