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Arise Sir Mo???

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Arise Sir Mo???

The Olympics are over for another four years. Our boys and girls are all home again with a record number of medals - to the victors go the spoils.


There is to be a parade in Manchester to welcome the team home and the Mayor of London has announced a parade in the capital in October. Long may the euphoria continue.


What else should we do for the winners? It is suggested some will get knighthoods or some other suitable honour. The Prime Minister, Theresa May, has already removed the cap normally applied for sportsmen and women in the Honours List.


How should it be decided which award to present to each individual?

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Re: Arise Sir Mo???

The good news is that the parade is to be held in Manchester.

As for medals, I would give them some sort of sports medal rather than the usual medals that get dished out.

I fully agree with a recent letter in the press from a lady who had lost her husband in some military conflict and was awarded a medal for bravery, yet these same medals were being handed out by Cameron to a variety of people for everyday tasks.

As for the SIR bit, that belongs to a past that died out years ago and the sooner it is scrapped the better.....

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Re: Arise Sir Mo???

Success is it's own reward, or at least it should be and it does not come much better than by having gold medals.

The honours system is long past it's sell by date and ought to be ditched pronto - as the Brazilians might say (or is that Spanish?)

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Re: Arise Sir Mo???

Have a parade or two by all means. They have their medals - why tarnish them with our quaint but discredited 'honours' system?

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