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Are you being bugged ?

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Are you being bugged ?




We've not had swarms of Ladybirds, but living in the Country, we have had more than usual this year.


Noticeably they are coming into the house through partially opened windows (for ventilation) and tend to stay by the window frames.


More than usual in the Garden too....



Swarms of diseased ladybirds invade homes across Greater Manchester


Ladybirds  swarming over man's balcony



Surprisingly, only one titchy spider so far !!

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Re: Are you being bugged ?

No so many of those this past year here in west Wales, more of these fellas but then we planted less veg and more flowers for a change. Best crop we had were from chili's in our hanging baskets, which made a nice change from the usual plants we see in them. Biggest bugbear, a couple of days of flying ants that had nested above a window frame. The blighters seemed to be everywhere! 



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