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Are you Bonkers for Conkers ?

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Are you Bonkers for Conkers ?

We are fortunate in having large areas of Parkland nearby.


Not just for children.




Now where's the String & Vinegar ?

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Re: Are you Bonkers for Conkers ?

Yeah round my sisters house (where I used to live), we have a massive bit of open space.

I always remember once it was snowing, school was shut and me and a load of others and a much younger me went to that park with met with some other people with a sledge. The park has got a nice hill towards the back.

That was a good alternative day out. "Yeeyy no school, lets go sledging. Nice". 😛

I must have been at junior school then (which would have been 1984-1988).

I wonder what the odds are on a white christmas now? Given the hot weather it is going to be a nasty winter I suspect.

I don't gamble, but if I did I would go to the bookies and put something on.

Well I do, most I have ever done is put a couple of quid in a pub fruitie (as I have friends who like them) and I got a lottery ticket when the first came out. I was at college then. Those were the days.