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Are You Bored? Need A New Pass Time?

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Are You Bored? Need A New Pass Time?

Forget water-skiing, snow-skiing through the streets of Ankara is where it is at
It's the sort of behaviour that would leave health and safety officials aghast.
But Koray Koyluoglu makes snowboarding down a highway in Ankara, Turkey's capital city, look perfectly normal
In this extraordinary  video he is seen being pulled by a rope attached to what appears to be a handyman's van. At one point he even reaches down to touch the snow with a glove.

Video Here....
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Re: Are You Bored? Need A New Pass Time?

When at work cant remember which year, think in the 80's last time, I worked on Boreham Airfield.  The drivers for amusement  in the heavy snow used to get towed up the main runway on large shovels at the end of a rope