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Are BT in breach of ASA?

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Are BT in breach of ASA?

Are the BT advertisements for Infinity, describing it as fibre optic broadband, in breach of the Advertising Standards Agency rules?
In fact in most cases they do not and will not provide fibre delivery of broadband. BT deliver the service by copper pairs in most cases. The fact that optical fibre might/might not go to roadside cabinets is irrelevant. For years now optical fibre connected the exchanges but that was never called Fibre Optic Broadband.
BT should only be allowed to describe/Advertise Fibre to the Premises as Optical Fibre Broadband.
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Re: Are BT in breach of ASA?

Virgin Media similarly advertise their broadband in cable areas as 'fibre optic broadband' but similar to BT, they link from cabinets to custoner's premises using copper wire (co-axial in Virgin's case but still copper rather than fibre).
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