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Anzac Day Today

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Anzac Day Today

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Re: Anzac Day Today

Isn't that some form of indigestion relief?
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Re: Anzac Day Today

Hat's off to 'em all.


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Re: Anzac Day Today

@Browni wrote:
Isn't that some form of indigestion relief?



It's biscuits !

Look it up on the internet, easy to make and nice to eat !

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Re: Anzac Day Today

We've been in New Zealand maybe 10 or a dozen times visiting Family, on two occasions we were there on ANZAC day. Its a public holiday there in NZ they take it very seriously, and everything stops for the day, and I mean everything. We were driving around the North Island almost on our own, and stopped on the shores of the beautiful Lake Taupo. And found the one thing that was operating; a seaplane (actually a single engine float plane) that was doing nothing at all, with the pilot sitting reading alongside his advertising A board.

Since we had nothing else planned to do, I enquired if he was working on the day, he replied he was thinking of packing up and going home, but if we wanted a flight, he would take us up and just charge for one passenger.

It was a delightful flight around the lake and the surrounding countryside

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