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Annoyed much

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Annoyed much

Hi all i did a FTTC check see if i can get it but i cant, so i did a phone number of someone i know up the road and guess that they can get FTTC, anyone else get this as well? ie leaving out there end of the road for fttc? imo i think its openreach doing a postcode lottery  Cry
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Re: Annoyed much

I had similar - moved to a VM cabled area with 20+Mb download (good for the area 7-8 years ago) and was told I'd get around 4Mb here on ADSL.
Moved in and was then told I probably wouldn't get ADSL at all and if I did I'd get 0.25Mb max and would need an engineer visit.
The houses that back on to my garden have VM and are all cabled up but they missed out part of the estate out.
On the plus side when FTTC was enabled, for some reason I've got almost the full speed despite not being that close to the cabinet.