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Android 5.1 phones

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Android 5.1 phones

I'm after one!

Been on ebay.. nothing much.. there's a few but i want a dual sim that takes two nano sims plus an SD card - all of whats on ebay seem to take a nano, standard or nano and SD card - the SD card blocking the use of the 2nd sim slot.

So with all these companies that pay money to buy old phones, where are all the old 5.1 devices going? - they must be up for sale somewhere? - Anyone know of a specialist site that sells these old devices?

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Re: Android 5.1 phones

@7up  You could try CEX ,I sold my samsung 5 to them they may have








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Re: Android 5.1 phones


I know nothing really about phones, but you can get a SIM cutter to reduce it, or try it yourself.

Old devices that are working? People will pay money for them.