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An apology.

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An apology.

So it's been clearly pointed out to me where the misunderstanding was in the "Typical toff freeloader" thread that was then removed.

Unknown to me I had mistaken the word Tour for Hour (both were lowercase). I'm not entirely sure how that happened other than to say my eyes must have been playing tricks on me and from that point on I genuinely had the understanding that the fella had done such a short amount of time.. 

So.. I'm sorry to all in that thread that I argued with / offended - including prince harry. It wasn't deliberate, I just firmly held the belief - based on a misreading - that prince harry had literally served two hours. Yes I feel very stupid for it and must admit I did wonder why my comments were drawing such hostility.

I'm also sorry for any hostility the forum has seen since then because of that incident.

I guess getting into political threads when there is a lot on my mind probably isn't such a great idea - or when its late at night..

Apologies to all,


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Re: An apology.

There goes the knighthood, OBE etc.

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Re: An apology.

Chillout you tool Smiley

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Re: An apology.

Don't worry, we've all done things we regretted.

Hindsight in my opinion is one of the hardest emotions to get through. Totally unrelated to this forum for me (I have mentioned what happened to me before), you always think "Could I have done something differently?". I will live with that feeling for the rest of my life.

It's a forum, it's not that important when you think about it. We all have different opinions and don't always agree. Problem I find on a forum it is very easy to post something (as we're not talking to each other in real life), which can be misinterpreted.

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Re: An apology.

When I first went online back in '97 a very wise friend who helped get me set up said to never reply in anger. Sit on the reply a while, then go back and review it. Only then should you post it once changes have been made.

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