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Amazon trickery

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Amazon trickery

Earlier, I bought an item on Amazon and had to keep my wits about me so as not to sign up for Prime and/or leave my card details on my account.

When I clicked Checkout, it took me straight to the Prime signup, which I ignored and when I got to the basket, a one day delivery charge was added, which I changed to free delivery. Finally, when I went back to remove my card from my account, there was a message that implied that I could not do that, But eventually I did.

Sharp practice seems to be written into Amazon's constitution.


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Re: Amazon trickery

Agreed, you do need to be careful when buying from Amazon as they make every effort to get you to sign up for prime.

My wife rarely buys from Amazon as she ended up unintentionally get a prime account so she phoned amazon to say it was a mistake and they changed it.

On the positive side the item was delivered the following day as it was marked as a prime account.

The other thing you need to watch is one click payment as it does not give you the option of selecting free delivery.,