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Amazon Prime

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Amazon Prime

Been using Amazon for problem.

Main order page gave you the option to join Amazon Prime for a month, thank you.

Recently tried to order some paperback novels from one of the other sites on cost £ 12 ....Free postage....ordered but then decided to check another website and cancelled the order.....

Then I get a email to say welcome to Amazon Prime you have got a free months trial !

Looking further on their website there is a option to cancel Amazon Prime at any time which of course I have done.

So nothing lost (or gained) but I wonder how many people get caught by this and fail to cancel thus end up paying a monthly fee.


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Re: Amazon Prime

You are not alone! Too easy to click on that trial tab by mistake. Saying that though, having learnt from previous mistakes, in the next month I'll do the same I did last year. Week before Christmas, go for it, gain the free trial and then cancel it a couple of weeks later - after Christmas. Not that we found much to watch to be honest.


If you cancel it, still doesn't stop them badgering you- usually starts again within a month or so. Getting fed up with the constant 'get prime' recently I decided to try and buy my stuff anywhere but on Amazon, It is paying off. Last item I bought was a dehumidifier. Amazon price was £134 and would have charged me extra for next day delivery. Bought it elsewhere (same model etc) for £126 WITH next delivery included in that price.  

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Re: Amazon Prime

Yeah,  caught me out about 6 months ago,  and I was sure I didn't click the '30 day prime trial' button either. Cancelled it a day later - since been getting scam phone messages that 'there is a problem and your prime account is in danger of being cancelled etc'....... probably no link between the two because everybody seems to get phone calls like that.

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Re: Amazon Prime

A few months ago I nearly subscribed to Amazon Prime while purchasing an item.

I went through about 6 or 7 pages requiring a 'No' to be clicked before I succeeded in making my purchase.

They are certainly persistent.

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