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Amazon Prime getting yet more devious?

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Amazon Prime getting yet more devious?

Has anyone else tripped over this?

I went to buy something from Amazon today, it's been a little while since I've done that but not ages (earlier this year).

A small item, costing under £10 and I was offered Amazon Prime for "free" delivery.

The options buttons were confusing and unclear to say the least and I thought I'd bypassed it, but no, just one click and I'd bought the item AND subscribed to Amazon Prime! No confirmation question or anything. Evil



The odd thing is I've done a 1-month trial of it before (over Xmas to get free access to online viewing for family visitors) so I presumed I wouldn't get it offered again.

Now I just need to remember to cancel it, which I'll probably do as soon as the goods arrive. Devious bar stewards though.

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Re: Amazon Prime getting yet more devious?

I've been caught once and cancelled immediately.....well almost.

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Re: Amazon Prime getting yet more devious?

If you are "that" miffed about it,   find out the CEO`s email address, and tell him about it... and also add on that you are a member (or even a Moderator ) on a public forum, and that if it is not clear what you are clicking on that you will take your business to other, "more honest"  on line retailers, and pass on your displeasure to the members of the forum...



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Re: Amazon Prime getting yet more devious?

Just go onto your amazon account and you should be able to cancel it and get a full refund

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Re: Amazon Prime getting yet more devious?

Yes they are devious, you have to check each screen with Amazon and ensure you are getting what you intended. I've tried Prime once and cancelled at no cost.

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Re: Amazon Prime getting yet more devious?

I've had the Amazon Prime Free Trial a couple of times in the past.  It could be me not looking properly, but the couple of times recently that I've been offered 'free delivery' if I subscribe to Prime have given me the impression that you actually have to subscribe and pay for the service, BICBW.


Actually I've just remembered that I've had the Free Trial more than twice.  I once wanted something quickly and it was less than 12 months since I'd used the free trial, so a bit of lateral thinking later I'd got another free months trial just by opening another Amazon account (with a different credit/debit card).