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Amazon Prime - free 30 day offer

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Amazon Prime - free 30 day offer

This is a bit odd
Having just finished my 30 day free offer - I cancelled it almost immediately so that I wouldn't get charged if I forgot - I just placed another order and by mistake (it wasn't obvious) clicked on the free 30 day offer again.
So now I have another 30 days free (already cancelled)
I wonder how often I can try the 30 day free offer  Crazy
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Re: Amazon Prime - free 30 day offer

chances are its a bug in their software but I wont report it if you don't, just don't access the other parts of prime like kindle or streaming services (movie tv music) and chances are it will let you keep using the free postal bit for a few months but probably not if your ordering loads of stuff /
personally I pay the prime sub but then I also use the subscribe &save option and save more in postage fees from regular items than I spent on the annual sub (never mind all the other stuff I buy)  but each to their own
just because your paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you