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Yesterday I thought my phone was knackered because the loudspeaker sometimes doesn't work and to get it working again you have to give the phone quite a hard tap near the speaker. Since the last time (a few days ago) my internet on 4G has been pretty miserable with speeds of 0.5Mbps being the highest.


I phoned up the manufacturer to moan about it and claim under warranty. The speaker I can reluctantly put up with but the internet speed absolutely not. So they sent me a freepost lable and said send it back to germany (like i'll see that again then) which didn't fill me with confidence.

Anyhow... today i decided to do another speed test and in a weird quirk of randomness got the fastest speed i've ever had on 4G:


45Mb Shocked

And there was me thinking it was dud! I'm using Tesco (O2) if anyones interested.

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Re: Amazing!

I like my O2 Thumbs_Up

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