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Alton Towers Crash - this is really bad

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Alton Towers Crash - this is really bad
Human error caused the Alton Towers rollercoaster crash in June that seriously injured five people, the Staffordshire theme park said.
Two women needed leg amputations after the Smiler ride crashed into an empty carriage in front of it on 2 June.
The safety control system was manually overridden without the proper protocols being followed, an investigation concluded.
No technical or mechanical issues were found with the ride itself.
How the heck can anyone override the safety control system when the ride was in use rather than being tested
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Re: Alton Towers Crash - this is really bad

Sounds like they really need to substantially review the manual override system Shocked

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Re: Alton Towers Crash - this is really bad

Alton Towers are re-opening the ride next year.
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Re: Alton Towers Crash - this is really bad

I've yet to understand how an empty carriage came to be stationary part way down the track.  I'd assume (reasonably, I hope) that the safety systems would be aware of the location of all carriages, in particular whether one was stationary part way through the ride and should positively prevent the sending of another carriage into it.
I don't think it's been said but I just get the impression that the safety systems were probably routinely overridden as the ride had some history of 'breaking down' even before it was opened (probably meaning that the safety systems were 'too cautious' for the operators wanting to keep it running to keep revenue flowing?).
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Re: Alton Towers Crash - this is really bad

"A ride shutdown message was misunderstood by staff at the ride," an Alton Towers spokeswoman said.
"This led to a decision to manually restart the ride, overriding the control system without appropriate safety protocols being followed correctly."

this indicated that two things were wrong and an endemic problem situation existed (exists) within the park at large, the staff don't understand the language the computer spews out the messages in and they don't understand the colour codes the ride uses so rather than conducting an unexpected shutdown policy they just restarted the ride using the override switch on  .......
makes you wonder how many rides this happens on clearly its not an isolated incidence as there have been several near misses reported in the media before this accident....
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