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Ad blocking

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Ad blocking

With reference to the moved post "New Member".

I guess there's some obscure technical reason, but why should we have to switch off Ad Block software to use the PN customer service chat.

I use chat service's with other companies, PN seems to be the only one (that I use) that requires this, some advise it but don't actually stop you using their chat if you don't, my online banking being a case in point.

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Re: Ad blocking

Many people do not know some software they are using, or add-on they are using, comes under the "generic term"     ... [adblocker]   and without any specific software name/add-on name, haven`t a clue what to do about it...

To save the hassle, I have got OPERA installed, and also WATERFOX, which I use (almost) exclusively to access "Live Chat" with PN...don`t have any "addons" with them.... just use them "as is" after install....